Configuring the RVIGateway Listener


The RVIGateway listener offers one service to one attach point. Each active RVIGateway listener offers service attachments to one attach point on a receiving engine. One channel is offered for each possible simultaneous execution. This is configured as the thread count for the listener. The number of offered channels will not grow by demand, although the gateway will attempt to reinstate a failing channel.

To configure the RVIGateway listener, you must create a channel for your application project using the Channel Builder in iWay Integration Tools (iIT) and select RVIGateway as the listener type for your inlet. For more information, see Configuring a Listener Using iWay Integration Tools.

For a complete description of the configuration parameters that are available for the RVIGateway listener, see RVIGateway Listener Configuration Parameters.

Reference: RVIGateway Listener Configuration Parameters

The following table lists and describes parameters for the RVIGateway listener.

Note: Parameters that are common to most listeners are described in Listener Configuration Parameters.



Attach Point Host (required)

Host address of the attach point, which can be a list such as:

host1:1234;host2:3456(ipi bind address)

The list can also be stored as a file using the iFL _file() function.

Attach Point Port (required)

Socket port where the attach point is listening for gateway connections. This will be the default port, used if a host does not carry the port as host:port.

Note: The value for the Attach Point Port parameter must not be zero (0) or blank.

SSL Context Provider

Defined iWay Security Provider for SSL Context.

Service Name (required)

Name of the service that is supported by an Executor Server attach point. The service name is a locator that identifies the channel or listener that runs on the specified machine name. Therefore, it represents a combination of the channel name and the machine and port name for remote invocation. In addition, this is the service name that is referred to in the relay service at the attach point.

Reverify time

Period of time (in seconds) to verify the presence of the attach point. The default value is 120 seconds.

Read Timeout

Period, in seconds, to wait for a response from the attach point. The default value is 1.0 seconds.

Preserve Stream

If set to true, an incoming RVI stream message will be processed as a stream document containing the input stream for the message. The default value is false.

IP Interface Host

Local IP interface from which the outgoing IP socket originates. This field is usually left blank.