Viewing and Editing Configuration Parameters

The Configuration section enables you to view and edit the configuration parameters for various Omni-Gen components, which includes server configuration, Data Quality and Master Data configuration, remediation services, database properties, Java properties, logging properties, and an array of other configurations that can be easily manipulated from the Omni Console. This enables a clear view into the environment and its management, as well as exposing tuning capabilities for data processing.

In the left pane of the Omni Console, click Configuration, as shown in the following image.

The configuration parameters are organized into the following groups, which you can select:

Descriptions for each configuration parameter are listed in the Description column, as shown in the following image.

If a parameter value has been modified, a green indicator icon is shown next to the parameter. Hover or click this indicator to view the original value and the modified by value, as shown in the following image.