Omni-Gen Operational Measures

The Omni Console allows you to display measures for specific operations. For example, you can check the execution status and processing time for each operation. To display these measures, click Processing in the left pane and then click Measures. A list of measures is displayed in the right pane, as shown in the following image.

You can click on any column name to order them based on that column. In addition, you can toggle descending and ascending ordering by clicking a column name. Some operations contain sub-operations. The measures of such operations have a preceding plus sign (+) button. Clicking this button expands and displays the measures of the sub-operations.

Each screen can display 25 measures. The upper-right corner contains page control buttons to view additional measures. You can click the page number, and left or right arrow buttons, to navigate to other pages. Below the page control buttons is a filter button. Clicking the filter button opens the filter window, as shown in the following image.

The filter window allows you to configure filters, to search for specific measures. You can create a filter for one column or a combination of multiple filters for multiple columns. It is very convenient and useful to display the measures of interest.

There is another way to quickly show the measures for a work order. Click Processing in the left pane and then click Work Orders. All of the work orders are listed in the right pane, as shown in the following image.

The work order screen shows the status of work orders. You can order the work orders by clicking a column name. You can also navigate pages using the upper right corner buttons and add filters in the filter windows. Clicking the plus sign (+) button to the left of a work order will show the status of individual work order items. There is also drop-down arrow next to the plus sign (+) button. Clicking this button will display a context menu. Clicking Measures will display all of the measures for the work order. This is a quick way for you to check the measures for a specific work order.

If a work order fails, the result will display FAIL in the work order screen. To determine at which particular step a work order has failed, you can expand the work order.

Clicking the i icon in next to FAIL displays a short message about the failure, which helps you understand the cause of the failure.

If you click the drop-down arrow to the left of the work order, the context menu will show different options. Restart will restart the failed step. Ignore will skip this work order. Otherwise, the failed work order will block the execution of the other work orders for the same subject. Measures will show detailed measures for this work order.

When the status of a work order is active, the context menu shows Pause and Measures options.

You can pause a work order if required. The status of the work order will change to PAUSED. The context menu will change to Resume and Measures. Resume allows you to resume the operation of the work order.