Remediation Ticket Submission

This section describes the remediation ticket submission process as it is viewed by the Omni Server. Data Quality (DQ) remediation is responsible for generating remediation tickets that are stored in the omni_remediation_ticket table. Omni Server remediation is responsible for submitting these tickets to the Remediation Service. The Remediation Service exposes the tickets through the Omni Governance Console (OGC) user interface and allows them to be managed by a data steward. This section focuses on the ticket submission process from Omni Server to the Remediation Service.

High Level Workflow

Remediation tickets that are in the PENDING state are candidates for submission. The submission of these tickets is executed using a scheduler that fires off repeatedly. The frequency of the scheduler is configurable and controlled by the Outbound Service Frequency setting, whose value is specified in milliseconds, as shown in the following image.

For example, setting this value to 8000 will cause the scheduler to fire off every 8 seconds. During a given run, due to the way the remediation tickets are managed by the Remediation Service, any close ticket requests must be submitted before new ticket requests. The ticket submission is multi-threaded. This is done using an Executor, which services incoming submission requests using a thread pool. The size of this pool is controlled by the Max Remediation ticket threads setting, which can be configured. Processing is blocked until all of the close remediation ticket and new remediation ticket requests are submitted. The run cycle is considered finished after all of the submissions are completed. This entire process flow is repeated when the scheduler wakes up again.

The recommended default values for these two settings are: