Generating OID Test Data

This command line tool generates Omni Interface Document (OID) sample XML files with random values for a specific subject. From the Omni Server installation location, run omni.cmd on Windows or on Linux, as shown in the following syntax:

>omni createTestOIDFiles -Dsubject=Person -Dout.dir=c:/temp/OIDGeneration
-Dcount=4 -Dids.dir=C:/Temp/omni30_1/3.0.0-SNAPSHOT/OmniServer/bundle/artifacts/server/IDS



Is required and is case-sensitive.


Is optional, but defines where to save the test files. The default value is system property user.dir.


Is the number of OID files. The default is 10.


Is an optional directory where the IDS document of the subject is stored. The default is:


Is optional, but can be used to specify a value for an element or attribute in the generated XML files, instead of random values. The file contains key=value pairs. A key is an Xpath of a particular element or an attribute in the XML file. Values are a list of values separated by a pipe (|). For example, the following are valid key=value pairs for the subject, Person.