Omni-Gen Controller as a Windows Service


On Windows platforms, the Omni-Gen controller can be installed as a Windows service using the Omni command line tool. If installed this way, you can start and stop the controller using the command line tool or the Windows Services dialog box. The service is named OmniGen_controller, by default, which can also be modified during the installation, if required. This feature is intended to support multiple installations of Omni-Gen, but not multiple installations of the controller. This Windows service can also be removed using the command line tool.


C:\og\OmnigenNew\omnigen\OmniServer> omni install-controller-winsvc

If the optional variable is not set as shown above, then the Windows service will be named OmniGen_controller, by default if not yet modified by the user. If this variable is set, then it will become the configured default. If the name contains spaces, it must be enclosed in double quotation marks ("). The Windows service will run the batch script located in:


It is recommended that the service be removed (see below) and reinstalled if the controller configuration changes, though it is possible to modify the batch script manually instead.


C:\og\OmnigenNew\omnigen\OmniServer> omni remove-controller-winsvc

Removes the controller Windows service. If the variable is not set, the Windows service removed will be the one with the configured default. This will not remove the batch script located in:


Starting and Stopping

If the controller is installed as a Windows service, then the start and stop Windows service controls can be used (through either the Services dialog box or the appropriate usage of sc, nssm, and so on). However, normal start-all, stop-all, start-controller, and stop-controller commands should also work.


The controller can toggle between installation types:

# Default, also set whenever the Windows service is removed
server.controller.install-type = standard 

# Set whenever the Windows service is installed 

server.controller.install-type = winsvc

The name of the Windows service, that may be changed when installed: = OmniGen_controller