Using the Trading Partner Management Facility

The Trading Partner Management facility can hold the identity of a user authorized to submit or receive messages through the FTPD listener. This user is identified in the Protocol/FTPD section of the Partner Editor. For more information, see iWay Trading Partner Manager User's Guide.

The following table lists and describes the fields you can specify in the agreement.



User Name

This is the login name of the user associated with this partner. If a simple name is used, this must be unique across the system, as the username will be used to locate the appropriate trading partner. If the user logs in using a user ID of <partner>:user, then uniqueness is not required as the partner is identified by the value preceding the colon.

The partner identifier is formed by TPN(SREG('ftpd-user')).


The password for the user. This can be a function reference, such as LDAP().


The mailbox assigned to this partner. This is a directory of the configured server root assigned to the listener. This is the users home location.

Require Secure Authentication

This partner requires that FTP control to and from this mailbox be done under secure authorization control as described in RFC 2228.

Require Secure Transfer

This partner requires that FTP transfers to/from this mailbox be done under secure channel conditions as described in RFC 2228.

The agreements are referenced at user login. Therefore, they can be changed while the system is operational. Note that when security requirements for a partner differ from that of the listener itself, the higher security takes precedence. Therefore, although a listener may not require that all transfers take place in a secure manner, an agreement with a specific partner may be required.