Available Services Reference

The following table provides a quick reference to the iSM services that are defined in this documentation for cross-channel services.

Service Name

Internal Emit Agent (com.ibi.agents.XDInternalEmitAgent)

(See Configuring an Internal Emit Service.)

Ordered Emit Agent (com.ibi.agents.XDOrderedEmitAgent)

(See Configuring an Ordered Emit Service.)

Marshalls a message Agent (com.ibi.agents.XDMarshallAgent)

(See Configuring a Marshall Service.)

RVI Relay (com.ibi.agents.RVIRelay)

(See Configuring the RVI Relay Service.)

Unmarshalls a message Agent (com.ibi.agents.XDUnmarshallAgent)

(See Configuring an Unmarshall Service.)