IP-based Horizontal Scaling


IP traffic is very easy to redirect and load balance, and there are very efficient and robust solutions for managing communications at this level in the protocol stack. Because the content of messages is not inspected, this method of work distribution is extremely fast. Devices such as Cisco 7500 series routers can provide round-robin address translation to distribute requests across several identical iWay Service Managers. In the case of a single server stoppage, the router detects the failure and processing continues on the remaining servers. Sharing of iWay repositories (not shown in the diagram) may also be part of this solution. For maximum reliability, each of the iWay instances can have hot backup failover, implemented either using iWay or a third-party tool.

Web-based Horizontal Scaling

For web traffic (for example, web services, HTTP), a web router can be used to distribute or load balance across the target iWay Service Managers. Stateful transactions can be supported by the use of session affinity.