iWay Products and Components


Your iWay integration solution works in conjunction with one or more of the following products and components:

iWay Service Manager

iWay Service Manager is the heart of the Universal Integration Framework and is an open transport service bus. Service Manager uses graphical tools to create sophisticated integration services without writing custom integration code by:

  • Using metadata from target applications
  • Transforming and mapping interfaces
  • Managing stateless processes

Its capability to manage complex integration interactions makes it ideally suited to be the foundation of a service-oriented architecture.

For more information, see the IWay Service Manager User's Guide.

iWay Transformer

iWay Transformer is a rule-based data transformation tool that converts an input document of one data format to an output document of another data format or structure. The easy-to-use graphical user interface and function tool set facilitate the design of transform projects that are specific to your requirements.

For more information, see the iWay Transformer User's Guide.

iWay Integration Tools Designer

iWay Integration Tools (iIT) Designer (previously known as iWay Designer) is a GUI tool that is delivered as a plugin with iIT.

The capability of graphically visualizing a business process is a powerful and necessary component of any e-Business offering. iWay Integration Tools Designer, a Windows-based design-time tool, provides a visual and user-friendly method of creating a business process, also called a process flow. Through a process flow, you control the sequence in which tasks are performed and the destination of the output from each task.

For more information, see the iWay Integration Tools Designer User's Guide.

Activity Facility

The Activity Facility maintains a record describing each message that passes through the server. The messages are associated and integrated with the transactions. This makes it possible for an auditor to review them individually or in conjunction with other messages that fall within the scope of the same transaction. The Activity Facility can record:

  • Original input messages.
  • Each emitted message (XML, APERAK, CONTRL).
  • Transaction status.
  • Intermediate activities.

For more information on using the Activity Facility, see the iWay Service Manager User's Guide.

Correlation Facility

The Correlation Facility (also known as the Correlation Manager) maintains records of anticipated activities occurring in the system. Correlation actions take the correlation from OPEN to CLOSED state, and allow history to be recorded. Agents are provided to implement Correlation Facility interactions within process flows, however, it is possible to use this API to accomplish this same purpose within your own exits.

For more information on using the Correlation Facility, see the iWay Service Manager User's Guide and the iWay Service Manager Programmer's Guide.