Promoting HIPAA Compliance and Integration


The iWay Integration Solution for HIPAA enables health care providers to integrate internal patient care and financial systems with external trading partner systems, in compliance with the HIPAA mandate. It enables secure and auditable business-to-business processes and information exchange regardless of document format.

The iWay Integration Solution for HIPAA:

Legacy Integration

The iWay Integration Solution for HIPAA supports over 200 enterprise data and application systems, simplifying and accelerating HIPAA compliance regardless of the diversity of the back-end environment. It integrates legacy applications that use different platforms, operating systems, and databases, as well as software used by facilities such as reference labs and imaging centers. It allows users with different communication protocols, APIs, front-end environments, and security frameworks to communicate, without requiring custom coding.

Legacy applications typically include CICS, VSAM, or IMS. The move to distributed computing has resulted in disparate applications based on AS/400, HP3000, and UNIX, such as MUMPS, Ingres, and Informix, which are supported in the integration solution. The iWay Integration Solution for HIPAA also protects your investment in packaged Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Supply Chain Management (SCM) applications.

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